1.- Download and read the Madrid Miniaturas Fair contract

2.- Fill in the inscription form

3.- Wait until we accept your application, and follow our instructions.


Price for a table measuring  1,80m long x 1 m wide: 140€


Do not make any payment until we notify you, once the application is accepted

The participation fee includes:

2 chairs per table, accreditations and access to plugs. The hotel does not provide table cover.

Web space with a description of the exhibitor and its products.

Links to shop, website and social media profiles once the show is running.

Advertising in our website, social media profiles, and general media.

Access to online tutorials in the private area of our website. The  tutorials provide insights about getting the most of your internet presence, to promote yourself and your products, according to our experience. We are open to suggestions if you would like a specific tutorial.

For advertising purposes, you must send 6-10 pictures of your products, and your logo. Pictures must have a good size and resolution. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PICTURES BELOW 300 Kb. Pictures must be sent via email or WeTransfer. We will not accept WhatsApp or Messenger pictures. 

Please download and read the Madrid 2022 Show Contratc.


madrid miniaturas show contract.pdf
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